5 Futuristic Housing Ideas From Iceni Homes

Tubular Glass House, Iceni Homes

Nothing is more unpredictable than the future of housing. In a market that is ever-changing, trying to house a constantly growing population can prove incredibly challenging.

So we aren’t going to try and predict the future, instead, we’re just going to take a look at 5 fantastic futuristic housing concepts;


Tubular Glass House, Iceni Homes


Tubular Glass Tree House

This house was designed in 2013 by architect Aibek Almassov in Kazakhstan. The four-floor cylinder home really allows the occupant to be at one with nature, providing a 360-degree view of the beautiful forest in which it is situated.

Architect Almassov likened climbing the staircase to arriving at different levels of spiritual enlightenment.

This house design is particularly special as it offers a polar opposite living area to the hectic, busy city life that so many people are being forced to grow accustomed to.

An overall beautiful design that would be welcomed in the future.



House on the Cliff Edge

This house was created by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) and is perched over the Aegean Sea in Casa Brutale.

This incredible concrete based project sees an incredible amount of natural light filtered into the home by the windows on the ocean side. The astounding home is topped off with a rooftop pool that lies level to the ground on top of the mountain.

Looking at this home from above ground you would be forgiven for presuming that this is nothing more than a beautifully built swimming pool, however, the treasure that lies beneath is something truly remarkable.



Royal Villa

This incredible home concept was envisioned by Ukranian architect Dmitriy Kuznetsov, he names it the ‘Royal Villa, Miami’

The unbelievable water-side structure resembles the prow of a ship and incorporates stunning glass design throughout the entirety of the home. It is believed that the building was built and designed with the vision to home a King or Queen.

There is a hanging glass room that provides an incredible mid-air deck over the water – a futuristic design that’s bold and brash whilst remaining classy and elegant – a fantastic insight into the future of luxury homes.



Self-Sustained Forest House

This revolutionary housing concept was envisioned by Danish architect Konrad Wojcik. The premise: homes that can be supported by a single ground point so that they leave zero long-term impact on the land they occupy.

The clever, game-changing design also presents the opportunity for whole communities of these homes to be built in isolation from the traditional towns and cities. Solar panels built into the structure itself provide electricity to power smart systems for water, heat and other necessities.

Wojcik’s vision was to see settlements of these unique homes springing up across the globe as a green alternative to the traditional neighbourhood and city setting.

The inner structure of these homes were inspired by tradition A-frame cabins and by the structure of trees so each material used inside is reusable and recyclable over time.



Futuristic Countryside Home

Peter Thomas Hornung and Elsa Katharina Jacobi are the architects behind this incredibly modern winding home in Buschelhof, Germany.

Situated next to a forest, this structure is as far away from the formulaic countryside house as possible. The white home has been designed with a ‘twisting’ element in mind. A long linear wing extends across the small hilltop ad zigzags all the way down to the lower level and parking base that lies beneath the house.

Although the design may not follow the status quo, it remains in touch with the beautiful natural surroundings by incorporating a huge glass window that provides stunning views of the landscape.

Just to add the finishing touches to an already fantastic home, by night, the structure’s exterior illuminates – indicative of the bright future that home design has.

So there are 5 of the best futuristic home designs from across the world – let us know what your favourite design was by tweeting us here.