Iceni Homes is a unique partnership that creates high-quality housing for people across the UK.

We are a unique collaborative partnership between two leading East Anglian housing associations:

  • Eastlight Community Homes – Braintree & Colchester
  • Hundred Houses in Cambridge.

Iceni Homes also works very closely with a range of other housing stakeholders and is a development partner with Homes England.

We offer a truly comprehensive development management service through from inception to completion; delivering a range of products from Affordable Rent through to Shared Ownership and Market Sale, for our Shareholders and other customers.

Iceni Homes’ strength lies in its ability to deliver well-designed housing of all tenures for a range of customers, providing a bespoke, quality, cost-effective service.

Put simply, no other organisation works in this way: a professional and flexible approach is at the heart of our success in working with a wide variety of housing sector partners.

Underpinning our ability to complete housing projects on-time and on-budget, is our passion for knowledge-sharing and promoting great communication with our partners and customers.

For 14 years, Iceni Homes has provided excellent, modern, economically-sustainable housing to thousands of people, through our partners.

As we look ahead our focus is on further evolving our successful approach, and our ability to bring together private, public and non-profit organisations with a single common objective: the creation of affordable, high quality housing.

Iceni Homes are proud to support Emmaus UK.

Expert housing solutions

  • Meet The Team

    Phil Murton

    Managing Director

    Phil has worked for Iceni Homes since its inception in 2004. Originally starting out as a Project Manager, Phil became Regional Director in 2008 and Development Director in 2014. Phil was appointed Managing Director in 2017 and is responsible for the overall performance of Iceni Homes.

    Emma Iveson

    Development Manager

    Emma joined Iceni Homes in 2014 is responsible for overseeing the Development Team; ensuring that the development programme is maximized and delivered in accordance to the business plan, on time and within budgetary constraints.

    Holly Brett

    Development Manager

    Holly joined Iceni in 2020 and has worked in both the public and the private sector bringing experience in commercial and residential development as well as regeneration. Holly is responsible for overseeing the Development Team at Iceni to ensure programmes are maximised and are delivered on time and within budgetary constraints for clients.

    Amy Saunders

    Office Manager

    Amy provides administration and PA support to the Managing Director, overseeing the administration of the Company.

    Marisa Pereira

    Sales Manager

    Marisa is responsible for the successful implementation of a new build sales process for shared ownership and market sale properties, including the development of a marketing strategies.

    Jonathan Bailey

    Sales Executive

    Jonathan is responsible for the successful execution of all sales routes of shared ownership and market sale properties. Jonathan is the key point of contact for existing and prospective customers.

    Nathan Cole

    Project Manager

    Nathan provides support for the Development Manager and is responsible for undertaking project management services for new developments.

    Sean McGrath

    Trainee Project Manager

    Sean works alongside the Project Managers assisting in all matters relating to the viability assessment and acquisition of new developments.

    Kayleigh Tonkins

    Defects Coordinator

    Kayleigh leads on the delivery of an effective defects management service, acting as the first point of contact for customers reporting defects with their property.

    Ellie Revell


    Ellie provides administration and clerical support for the Iceni team in the day to day activity of the company.

About Our Board

Our Board’s role is to provide entrepreneurial leadership of the Company within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed. The Board sets the strategic vision for Iceni. It ensures that the necessary resources are in place for the Company to review management performance and meet is objectives. The Board is made up of the CEO and a non-executive Board member from each Shareholder, Iceni’s Managing Director and an independent Chair. All members have equal voting rights. The Board sets the Company’s values and standards and ensures that its obligations to our shareholders and others are understood and met. As a private commercial business operating within a mixed public/private sphere, balancing commercial objectives with our Shareholders’ requirements is a key ingredient to Iceni being successful.

  • Meet The Chair

    Alan Lewin


    Alan joined Iceni in July 2018, bringing wide ranging experience of working with boards and committees both as a chief executive and as a non-executive director across the East of England. Alan is a non-executive director of Greenacre Recruitment and is also a non-executive board member of one of Iceni’s shareholding associations Hundred Houses. Alan has previously served as a board member on Longhurst Group housing association and Chair of Homes for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.