Is Downsizing the Answer?

Our new government have designed a flagship housing strategy to make downsizing far easier for older people, in an attempt to free up larger homes for young families grappling to own their first family home.

There is no denying that one contributor to the housing crisis that we find ourselves in is due to a limited number of large house-builders. This policy will aim to encourage more good quality, new-build sheltered accommodation to be produced therefore reducing the pressure of producing mass housing community builds.

Councils, housing associations and smaller developers will all be incentivised to build more as the government sets its ambitious goal to meet a target of 1million new homes by 2020.

The scheme will include other incentives that encourage older people to sell their bigger family homes. It is important to consider the type of houses being built rather than just the quantity. By constructing more sheltered housing schemes it would make it far easier for older people looking to downsize to do so, and as a result, this would release the larger family homes that are few and far between within the UK.

The policy is clear that it has no intentions to push people out of their homes, it simply provides more options for those thinking about downsizing and those looking for their first family home.

Here at Iceni Homes we actively recognise the issues regarding housing shortages in the UK and we are on our own mission to #HouseBritain creating affordable homes for older people, families and first-time buyers.

From 21 affordable 2 bedroom flats at our Crossman House project in Braintree for downsizers or first buyers to our large 4 bedroom family homes within our project as Mill Heath in Martlesham.

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