Emmaus Garden Shed Donation

Iceni are delighted to support Emmaus UK throughout 2018 in their mission to work together to overcome homelessness and social exclusion while using their voice to achieve social change.

By 2020 Emmaus aim to have a stronger social enterprise, structured support and training plans for all companions and more companions moving into employment. Emmaus UK also aim to have 1000 companion places and 100 opportunities for non-residential companions by this time.

Emmaus UK strive to have better recognition for the work they do and at Iceni we are hoping we can help them achieve the recognition they deserve by supporting them throughout the year.

Emmaus UK work on many projects for the local communities and one of the recent projects Iceni’s Managing Director, Philip Murton, was happy to volunteer at was at Emmaus Suffolk, helping them regenerate their garden area.

What was once just an old beach hut, is now a fantastic garden space for the community and Iceni are delighted to support Emmaus Sufolk by donating funds to help them complete the area.

Managing Director, Philip Murton said..

“Iceni has managed the development of thousands of new, high quality, affordable homes for our customers, and throughout this year we are delighted to be working with Emmaus UK in a range of ways to help them in their efforts to combat homelessness. It is a pleasure for us to be able to support Emmaus Suffolk’s fantastic new garden area, a great facility for companions and the community alike.”

Claire Staddon, Exec Lead of Emmaus Suffolk said,

“Thank you so much Iceni for all your support so far and the wonderful donation for a much needed garden shed. What we have achieved so far from derelict beach hut to an amazing space for the community is wonderful. Your support is really appreciated and the shed will make a huge difference to our volunteers working effectively in the garden.”