Housing Subscription: Sharing With Your Neighbours?

IKEA’s research lab Space10 and architecture studio EFFEKT have teamed up on The Urban Village Project, a vision for subscription-based housing that brings together people of different generations and encourages them to share facilities.

Instead of owning their homes outright, residents have the option of buying “shares” each month, progressively increasing ownership with the potential to cash in later on. Apartments could even be swapped between community members, as and when families need change. Basic rent would cover electricity, water, heating, maintenance and shared facilities but residents could also choose to add additional services through flexible subscription services. These include food, media, insurance, transport or recreation.

Space10 and EFFEKT’s proposal is built around three ideas. They believe cities should be more liveable, more sustainable and more affordable. The fundamental goal of cheaper housing is addressed in terms of the building of homes and the buying of homes. Therefore, the project is being pitched as affordable housing.

The communal living, or co-living, includes shared daycare and transport, local water harvesting, communal dining and urban farming initiatives. Space10 and EFFEKT hope to create a stronger sense of community while boosting the health and wellbeing of inhabitants.

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