How Drones Are Being Used In Home Construction

Over the last 5 years, drones have started to change the complexion of the construction industry. They are significantly altering the way companies working in the construction industry operate and those changes are likely to have a lasting effect. Here are just some of the ways that drones have made an impact and a look at how this could continue or develop even further in the future.

Land Surveying

The official name for drones at this point in a project are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These new tools are well on their way to replacing the traditional land-surveillance working methods so much so the traditional ‘birds-eye view’ expression is being converted to ‘drone’s-eye view’.

Drones afford companies the ability to reduce their total labour time when producing an accurate survey. They also eliminate a lot of the human error that can so easily occur when undertaking such a difficult task. The use of UAVs saves a lot more time and can reduce total costs significantly.

Communication and Management

Drone technology has become so advanced that it allows instant connectivity and communication whilst working on a project. Drones are being used on projects to maintain a high level of consistency as they are able to review every aspect of construction and immediately communicate data with project managers.

Not only this but the drones can be used to ensure that companies are getting the most from what can be an incredibly large workforce. The ability to oversee and manage workflow consistently will ensure construction companies are achieving maximum output and productivity.


The presence of drones on construction sites is resulting in rapid increases in security efficiency. Drones can be used to make sure the team working on the project are safe at all times from outside interference and unsafe working styles. Drones can be used to oversee any potential theft or vandalism from people trying to enter the building site.

On Track, On Budget

Drones are being used by surveyors to quickly and easily identify areas of a project that may be progressing more slowly and at a greater cost than other aspects of a project. By doing this, it gives the project managers the opportunity to counteract any problems that may be occuring before any more work is done on them at a cost.

Whilst it is inevitable that projects will run into problems at various points (which cannot always be avoided), by using drones, construction companies can minimise the time and money lost when hiccups occur.

Capture the process

The drones being used on construction sites have access to some incredibly impressive photography equipment. Combine this with the fact that promotion and visual aids in the construction industry are becoming increasingly more important, drones can be hugely beneficial.

4K HD video footage can be captured of the project by drones and display the work that has taken place across different stages. They can provide unique angles and otherwise impossible difficult shots to achieve.

The Future

There you have it, just a few of the excellent features that incorporating drones into home constructions can achieve.

Perhaps in the future drones will be active on one of our own projects allowing us experience the benefits that come with it. If you’d like to take a look at some of our current and completed projects to see the level of work that we have produced and the projects we are currently carrying out then check out our projects page here: