Iceni Project is Featured in The East Anglian Daily Times

Working for the housing association Suffolk Housing, Whatfield Parish Council and Thurlow Architects, the Iceni Homes project at Sheckie Meadow in Whatfield, Suffolk was completed in time for a family to enjoy their first Christmas in a new home.

Developed on an existing development, the six homes provide a larger space and more family orientated space, enabling the families and the development to become part of the local community. The architectural drawings fit in perfectly with the village and in particular the local school. A fantastic housing association development.

Tori Hamblin and her partner Karl Martin together with their two children are enjoying their new home over the festive period and have already integrated into the local school as well as early years groups.

The development and scheme are noted as being a shining example of local people and housing associations working together for the better good. Sheckie Meadow is named after the father of Anne Templeton the owner, who was a memorable local character who did so much for his local community.