Little Sun and IKEA Unveil Collaboration

Every seventh person in the world lives with minimal or no access to electricity. Usually, this is alongside a lack of clean water and communication services. This means that many are being left without basic necessities to human existence and community life.

“Energy is vital in life today, but still many people have no grid at all or a broken grid. We want to find smart solutions for them as well as for people that have access but want to reduce their energy consumption to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle,’ says IKEA’s Creative Leader James Futcher.

Earlier in the year IKEA and Little Sun collaborated on a full range of solar products. Dubbed sammanlänkad, the partnership resulted in the development of helpful solar gadgets for everyday use.

Together, IKEA and Little SUN researched and learnt from those living outside of the electrical grid to understand their experiences and the daily challenges they face. Doing so enabled them to gain a clearer idea about the needs of their collaboration. They developed solar panels that can be attached and connected to windows, charging docs and lights but can also provide solutions for active outdoor life.

The first products will be released in 2021 in all IKEA markets.