Tokyo’s Tiniest House

Architect Takeshi Hosaka has built a micro home in Tokyo. Situated in the Bunkyo district, the tiny house, which is called Love2 House, is single-storey building with a total floor area of just 19 square metres and a pair of curved roofs.

For 10 years Hosaka and his wife lived in Yokohama in a property called Love House, which had a floor area of 38 square metres. They called their new, even smaller property Love2 House as a continuation.

The design of the house was heavily influenced by ancient Roman villas architecture which emphasises the importance of spaces for study, bathing, drama, music and epicureanism. Scandinavian architecture was another key influence as Love2 House’s design needed to respond to the fact the building would not receive any direct sunlight for three months during winter.

Hosaka said, “This concept led me to draw the sketch of two curved roofs which are open to the sky. In the winter, the two skylights effectively bring soft sunlight into the house and in the summer the house is filled with brilliant sunshine.”

The end result is a unique, well-designed home that caters to Hosaka’s needs. Could you live in a home as small as Love2 House? We’d love to hear your thoughts, tweet us @IceniHomesLtd