Making Affordable Housing Smart


There is no denying that the UK is constantly in need of more affordable housing. Populations are forever growing and more and more people are in need of affordable housing. However, with the pressure on a constant production of affordable homes throughout the UK, ensuring that the properties are fit for the future can be incredibly difficult.

What’s Next?

After the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the past ten years, an increased number of homes in the UK are becoming ‘smart’ homes or ‘connected homes’. It is estimated that by 2020 more than 50 billion devices around the world will be connected to the IoT. This presents an opportunity for housing associations and local authorities to create affordable housing that is sufficient to pair with the IoT and create a ‘smart home’. Constructors can use to manage production and maintenance of the property and future occupants can use to connect to the house and make for ‘smart’ living.

Smart technology is about improving and enhancing people’s lives. Devices such as smart thermostats to monitor energy use, smart smoke alarms that alert the fire brigade and damp monitors to prevent mould are all examples of how IoT can help within the home. These devices can all be incorporated into the building of new affordable housing in the UK to aid construction, maintenance and future living conditions.

The Price Of Technology

There are arguments against the construction of smart homes in fear that initially installing, maintaining and potentially replacing the technology is costly. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. While there are inevitably additional costs of installing the new technology and maintaining it, it allows constructors to keep track of their expenditure during the build and could save them a considerable amount. Equally, occupants will use the smart home features to keep track of their energy usage and spend, this will also result in them making significant and consistent savings on different bills.

Iceni Homes

Here at Iceni Homes, our mission is to create quality affordable homes for all. We strive to produce expert housing solutions across the UK with our brilliant partners. We are always looking to improve and develop our housing for the future and maybe one day we will be incorporating smart technology into our new builds.

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