The Policy Update

On the 11th January 2018, the housing secretary Sajid Javid launched Homes England, an agency set to prioritise development on brownfield sites. A key step to delivering housing nationwide, this new agency will play a major role in securing land in areas that people want to live in, and also provide investment to innovative developers. The use of brownfield sites is favourable environmentally and socially, displaying that the government wants to redevelop undesirable lands, even if they are more expensive to utilise. The government aims to deliver 300,000 homes for families and first-time buyers by the mid 2020s.

Since 2010 the government has delivered 1.1million homes, with the help to buy scheme supporting 250,000 people. 310 local authorities have also published brownfield registers, identifying over 26,000 hectares of developable land.

An important note of this forward policy is that the government are looking to provide smaller and innovative housing developers with these contracts, enabling diversity, local developers and partnerships, who understand communities and local peoples needs.

Diversified developments also allow for more people to have access to housing, as they are built based on local affordabilities, local demographics and local needs. Generalised schemes are often less successful, as what is required from affordable housing in one area may be opposite in the other. Development partnerships require the vital knowledge to provide people in need of housing with vital facilities, sustainable for the future.