Rogers Road, Swaffham Prior 

Iceni/ Hundred Houses were approached by Hills Partnerships regarding a scheme they were pursuing in Swaffham Prior which provides for eight affordable homes and twelve properties for market sale.

The land was owned by three local landowners and was allocated as a framework development site in the Local Plan review. The landowners were particularly keen to see the affordable housing element of the site be a resource which benefits the local community. Through discussions with the District Council around the options in this regard, the concept of a Community Land Trust (CLT) being established to meet this objective was first proposed. Hundred Houses have entered into a 127-year lease with the CLT. Iceni entered into a building contract with Hill Partnerships to build out the affordable units.

The CLT will own the land on which the affordable housing is located but will not be established to finance or manage the properties. By issuing a long lease this enables a housing association, such as Hundred Houses, to finance the construction of the properties like any other site, and they will effectively own and manage in the usual way.

The CLT will, however, set the nomination criteria, which will enable a local connection priority, similar to the way a rural exception scheme works, to be imposed. The CLT will hold the waiting list and nominate to the properties against these criteria. The District Council is very supportive of this approach and is keen to see if the model can be rolled out more widely, as they see it as empowering local communities. The nomination criteria will still have to be consistent with the Local Authorities requirements set out in the S106 Agreement.

Following discussion with the Local Authority, it was agreed that a mix of 2 x 2 bed 3 person bungalows, 3 x 2 bed 4 person houses, and 3 x 3 bed 5 person houses, all for Affordable Rent would be most appropriate.

Handover of the units took place on 23rd March 2016.

Key Facts:

  • Start on Site: May 2015
  • Anticipated Completion on Site: March 2016
  • Contractor: Hill Partnerships
  • Tenure: Affordable Rent
  • Landlord: Hundred Houses Society