Defects Management

Iceni are experienced in managing defects on behalf of landlords. Throughout the liability period of a new build, Iceni will manage all building defects reported and liaise with the builders to rectify issues within the set contractual timescales.

What we do

Iceni will carry out proactive monitoring to ensure defects are resolved within their set timescales, allowing Iceni to identify any trends in defects that could identify a wider issue that needs further investigation or a possible latent defect. In these instances, Iceni will coordinate further investigations with the builder and landlord, where needed.

Iceni offer a dedicated online portal, email address and telephone line for residents reporting defects within their property.

Outside of office hours, Iceni use an out of hours provider to manage any emergency calls.

Iceni will also arrange End Of Defect inspections upon expiration of the liability period to ensure that any building defects are recorded accurately and resolved by the builder as swiftly as possible before any retention money held under the contract is released.

Expert solutions, uniquely delivered

Iceni is a highly regarded and experienced housing development management business that has been managing the development of new homes for a range of organisations for over fourteen years.