Shipping Containers as Affordable Housing

Last year, we wrote this article about shipping containers being used to house homeless people across the UK. Now, it seems the idea is catching on across the world. As Peruvian based firm, TRS Studio envisions shipping containers as affordable housing in Peru.

The architecture firm has joined two shipping containers together and topped them with an angular polycarbonate extension. The creation is a conceptual design for low-cost housing. To be placed in communities that struggle with housing issues and lack resources to devote to buying construction materials.

The small settlement has been placed in the Peruvian town of Pachacutec. Many homes within the area are built with salvaged materials of “non-architectural quality.” TRS Studio’s proposal suggests using repurposed shipping containers which are abundant, cheap and durable, to provide a structure better suited to inhabitation.

Each container is approximately 60 square metres – joining two on their long side creates a rectangular floor plan 5 metres wide and 15 metres long. The container’s doors swing open, extending the living space and bringing the outside in. Alongside the main living area, the ground floor also contains a kitchenette, toilet and a bedroom. The polycarbonate extensions provide plenty of light meaning the small internal garden is exposed. A central staircase leads to the upper level where two bedrooms, a shared bathroom and a study built as a mezzanine can be found.

We love that architects and designers are imagining new and exciting ways to use shipping containers, especially within the affordable housing sector. What do you think of this design? Could it work? Tweet us @IceniHomesLtd