Street Tree Pods to alleviate London’s housing crisis

Matthew Chamberlain, University of Westminster graduate has designed a sustainable treehouse to provide starter homes on London’s streets, while also tackling the city’s high pollution levels.

The teardrop-shaped structures made from wood and designed to merge with existing or new trees are rather aptly named ‘Stree Tree Pods.’ The pods have been designed to take up the same amount of space as a single car-parking bay and it has been suggested that each structure would offer short-term accommodation to a single occupant.

“Street Tree Pods seek to offer a fresh insight into urbanisation and community living within London, tackling and challenging both the current housing crisis and the growing pollution issues within the city,” explained Chamberlain. He went on to describe, “these self-sufficient, low impact urban tree pods merge the house and street together, facilitating humans innate attraction towards nature and natural processes, along with focusing on the importance of wellness and sustainable architecture.”

Chamberlain completed the project as part of his MA in architecture. He believes it can help people to realise that trees are “a vital piece of infrastructure for a city… [they] have proved to decrease obesity, reduce certain health risks and aid mental behaviour and ultimately make people feel happier and more positive in their day to day lives,’ he told Dezeen, “too often, however, they are disregarded as a vital component of urban master planning infrastructure and healthcare.”

Alongside the Street Tree Pods, Chamberlain has designed a Street Tree Pod app, which would work as a real-estate portal for the dwellings. “The Street Tree Pod app was designed as a vision for how the project would develop in the future,” he said. “The home screen of the app displays all the various types of street tree pods available, along with the relevant information that defines it such as the number of bedrooms and type of tree.”

With mixed reviews, the proposal is proving controversial. Many believe the Street Tree Pods are well-designed but suggest they are not the solution to alleviate London’s housing crisis. What are your thoughts? Tweet us @IceniHomesLtd.