Supporting UK CO2 Targets with Sustainable Housing

The Paris Climate Summit represented a revolution in the way governments and companies regard climate change, and what they are prepared to do about it. According to the UK non-profit InfluenceMap, the so-called “Paris Effect” has prompted more corporate entities than ever to support green legislation and take proactive steps to weave environmental protection into their long-term business plans.

As with all signatory nations, the UK is seeking ways to meet the summit’s target of limiting overall global warming to within 2 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels.

And British construction companies have a huge role to play in ensuring the target is met. The UK Green Building Council estimates that around a third of the world’s CO2 output comes from the built environment – with a similar figure for the UK.

Figures from 2004 suggest around 30% of UK CO2 emissions were accounted for by domestic housing, a figure that has dropped to around a quarter according to the UKGBC. Clearly improvements have been made, but housing represents a huge opportunity for the UK to meet its CO2 commitments.

There are two key aspects to tackling CO2 output from domestic housing: refurbishing existing housing stock – which in the UK is among the least efficient in Europe – and ensuring that new builds are as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.

Here at Iceni our construction projects tend to be residential, although we also have extensive experience in constructing non-domestic buildings. In either case, sustainability is a key factor for us as soon as we undertake a project.

Naturally, managing costs while promoting sustainability is crucial for us and every stakeholder in a given project. The Iceni team has successfully delivered numerous sustainable housing projects on time and on-budget. We have achieved this by working closely with our partners – and by drawing on our many years of industry experience.

Rather than an additional facet of house-building, we see sustainable design as integral to realising a project – not least because it can and should reduce running costs for the owner or tenant.

Our dedication to sustainable housing combined with unrivalled expertise in the residential construction industry has made Iceni not only one of East Anglia’s leading sustainable housing developers, but one of the region’s leading developers in general.

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