The Best Affordable Housing Solutions From Around The World

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Across the globe there is an immediate desire for affordable housing solutions. A survey taken by the Lincoln Institute revealed that of 200 cities polled around the world, 90% were considered ‘unaffordable’.

Affordability is more than just being able to buy or rent a property. Affordable housing involves the maintenance of the property over a long period of time, how sustainable it is economically and environmentally.

With this in mind, we have come up with a list of some of the most innovative and creative affordable housing solutions from around the world:

Communities Plus Programme: Sydney, Australia.

This programme set up by the state government of New South Wales, Australia, has partnered with the private sector and non-governmental and community housing groups in order to develop and renovate around 23,000 social housing units in specific neighbourhoods that are in need of renewal.

Along with this they have also developed 500 affordable housing units and 40,000 private dwellings. All of the proceeds gained through the scheme are re-invested in social housing, community facilities and public areas.

You can find out more about this tremendous venture by taking a look at the Communities Plus website, here:

Motel Conversion Ordinance: Los Angeles, USA.

It was first reported by the Los Angeles Times that the passing of a new law will allow motels to be converted into “permanent supportive housing” for the homeless, irrespective of any zoning requirements. Of course, there are obvious limitations to this scheme from a longevity perspective, however the fact that there is no construction process and the only requirement is that a small kitchen is added to the hotel rooms, this quick and resourceful scheme will be welcomed by those most in need of new, affordable housing.

You can find out more about the LA-based scheme by taking a look at this post from the Los Angeles Times:

Green Roof Initiative: Denver, USA.

From short term to long term, this initiative launched in 2018 requires buildings in the Denver area taller than 25,000 square feet to have green roofs or solar panels – including affordable housing projects. While upfront costs will inevitably increase for the initial construction, long term lower-income communities will benefit from lower levels of air and water pollution as well as far cheaper energy bills that will withstand the test of time.

Discover more about Denver’s “Green Roof initiative”, here:

Criteria for Social Housing: Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

This scheme set up in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria was immediately controversial throughout the country, however the scheme is now largely regarded as an almighty success. The construction of 150 social housing units was commissioned with access to the homes being restricted to individuals who met a specific criteria. The aim was to offer support to some of the most vulnerable members of society that were in need of a helping hand. The criteria included those who do not own any property and earn an income under a specific limit. Applicants were ranked based on their employment status, education level, age and number of children.

You can find out more about the Criteria for Social Housing scheme, here:

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There you have it, just some of the most creative and effective affordable housing schemes from around the globe. Do you know of any that we’ve missed out? Make sure you let us know by tweeting us at Iceni Homes, here: