The Worlds First Habitable 3D Printed House

Eindhoven in the Netherlands is set to be the first city in the world to produce habitable homes made with just a 3D printer. Will this revolutionise the construction industry and live up to the incredibly high expectations?

There are around 5 potential homes with the smallest of the 5 having already attracted over 20 different applications from interested families. The houses will be put on the rental market next year. The applications for the 2-bedroom property came just weeks after the first images were made available of the 3D printed homes.

The groundbreaking idea is being referred to as “Project Milestone” by the Dutch construction company, Van Wijnen, who have said that they developed the idea as a solution to a shortage of skilled bricklayers in the Netherlands.

Van Wijnen will be working alongside Eindhoven University of Technology on the project. Rudy van Gurp, a manager at the firm, said that the new construction method will cut costs and environmental damage by reducing the amount of cement that is used to build the homes.

The 3D printer being used to physically construct the houses has been described as an enormous robotic arm with a nozzle that produces a formulated cement. However, the first of the 5 houses being made will only use the printer to create the exterior and inner walls.

The fifth house to be built will consist of three floors and three bedrooms and it is hoped that the drainage pipes and other housing installations will also be made using the printer. The possibility of using the printer to install elements within the house also opens the door to the idea of inserting wireless sensors directly into the building’s walls to allow the home to be a complete “smart home”.

Designers have described the style of the first set of homes being “erratic blocks in the green landscape.” They are designed to demonstrate how 3D printers can be used to construct buildings of almost any shape. Van Gurp said that he hopes in the future people will be able to use 3D printers to construct homes that fit their taste perfectly.

All five homes will be completed midway through 2019 and rented out by Dutch real estate company, Vesteda. Van Gump paid homage to Eindhoven University of Technology as being pioneers in 3D printing using concrete. Last year the south-eastern town of Gemert opened the world’s first 3D-printed cycle bridge which was constructed at the university.

Iceni Homes can’t wait to see just how revolutionary and innovative this construction technology really is. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the project, so make sure you follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the incredible Van Wijnen project.